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3-Wheel Electric Scooters for Kids

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Watch the video to find out more about our ONE K E-MOTION 4 3-wheel electric scooter for kids. 


Easy to ride 3-wheel electric scooter for kids: User-friendly throttle push button.

ONE K E-MOTION 4 3-wheel electric scooter for kids aged 6+ comes with an accelerator throttle push button, mounted on the handlebars, so your child can safely cruise on the electric scooter at steady speeds (0 to 6km/h; 0 to 10km/h) without the need of taking their hands off the T-bar, while following our lean-to-steer riding on all Globber 3-wheel scooters for kids. 

Globber-ONE-K-E-MOTION-4-3-wheel-electric-scooter-for-kids-with-dual-braking-system Globber-ONE-K-E-MOTION-4-electric-scooter-for-kids-with-E-ABS-braking-system-and-mechanical-rear-brake

Safe braking, every time: Dual-braking system.

Our 3-wheel electric scooters for kids are equipped with an E-ABS braking system and a mechanical rear brake, to easily control your speed and decrease stopping distances, for extra-safe electric scooter rides.


Extra-fun electric scooter rides for kids! 3-wheel kids electric scooter with light-up wheels.

Our ONE E-MOTION 4 kids electric scooter is a 3-wheel electric scooter for kids, coming with light-up 125mm battery-free LED front wheels, which flash in red, green, and blue (1 colour flashes in the core). 

Globber-ONE-K-E-MOTION-4-3-wheel-electric-scooter-for-kids-award-winning-design-for-maximum-comfort-and-safety Globber-electric-scooter-for-kids-with-wide-composite-deck-and-EVA-foam-grip-tape

Champion of comfort: Well-designed, award-winning 3-wheel electric scooter for kids.

ONE K E-MOTION 4 3-wheel electric scooter for kids is designed with a wide composite deck, supporting up to 50kg, an anti-slip, soft EVA foam grip tape on the scooter deck and durable TPR handlebars’ grips, for maximum comfort and safety while riding. 


Pick your favourite kids’ 3-wheel electric scooter colour! 3 e-scooters for kids are available.

Our award-winning, safe ONE K E-MOTION 4 3-wheel electric scooter for kids comes in grey, blue and pink; all 3 electric scooters for kids are also with light-up scooter wheels!