Learning Trikes, Bikes and skates, for 12m+

639 105 Balance Bikes For 1 Year Olds
Learning Bike 3In1 Deluxe
Building skills while having fun on a balance bike for 1-year-olds!
All-in-one baby balance bike for toddlers (aged 12-36m)
783 200 Globber Inline Skate
Learning Skates
Learn and Turn: Rotating Rear-wheel module
Inline skates for toddlers (XS/S: 3+) and kids (S/M: 5+)
735 101 Learning Trike With Adjustable Saddle
Learning Trike 2In1
Unlock the fun of learning on wheels!
All-in-one training trike and walking bike (aged 12-36M)
3 In 1 Balance Bike

Learning and turning, your way!

Is it possible for toddlers to develop their motor skills while having fun at the same time? With LEARNING BIKE, it is! The LEARNING BIKE Series is our baby balance bike collection for 12-36m toddlers.  

Equipped with a patented steering system consisting of four riding modes, LEARNING BIKE Series offers an all-in-one design that gets you 3 products in 1 purchase*—transforming your learning bike into a ride-on and walking bike.  

Toddlers can build their coordination, balance, and spatial awareness, all while keeping active, comfortable, and entertained—and most importantly having fun! 


Best Balance Bike

4 unique ways to ride & develop your toddler’s motor skills!

LEARNING BIKE series introduces a world on wheels to toddlers as young as 12 months old! Equipped with our patented steering system, all LEARNING BIKE baby balance bikes can be steered using 4 unique riding modes: direction locked mode fixes the front wheels for vertical movement; classic hand steering mode; lean-to-steer mode allows steering by leaning towards the preferred direction; and the fourth mode allows both lean-to-steer & classic hand steering to aid children through their developmental stages!

Balance Bikes For 1 Year Olds

A baby balance bike – now there’s a wheeled ride for everyone!

LEARNING BIKE series offers 3 models to choose from: LEARNING BIKE baby balance bike for girls & boys; LEARNING BIKE 3in1 with an all-in-one design that allows the baby balance bike to be transformed into a ride-on, learning bike & walking bike; and a DELUXE baby balance bike version that has accessories included in-pack such as a storage bag and bottle holder!


A durable baby balance bike that’s for the long haul.

LEARNING BIKE series is our baby balance bike for girls & boys that allows 12M+ toddlers to develop their motor skills at an early age throughout the crucial stages of child development. Made of durable, strong and child-safe materials, LEARNING BIKE baby balance bike can stand the wear-and-tear of playtime!

Bike With Parent Handle

Comfortable baby balance bikes for hours of fun!

Our LEARNING BIKE series has adjustable features to make your toddler as comfy as possible while riding! Thanks to our 2-height adjustable parent handle* & saddle, adjust your baby balance bike to the right handle* & seat height fit for you and your little one.

*Not available on LEARNING BIKE.


Safe baby balance bike rides fit for the little ones.

With our baby balance bikes’ durable wheels & rear rotative system, enjoy a fun day out and a safe riding experience! Each LEARNING BIKE has a rear rotative system* integrated into the rear subassembly that helps toddlers smoothly turn the baby balance bike’s rear wheels according to the front wheels’ movement for safe, intuitive rides.

*Not available on ride-on mode.