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Kick Scooters For Kids, Teens & Adults

Kick Scooters For Kids, Teens & Adults

Browse all of our kick scooters for kids, teens and adults! You will find the right scooter for you– pick from our range of 2-wheel or 3-wheel kick scooters, folding kick scooters, commuter kick scooters, big wheel kick scooters and kick scooters with handbrake to name just a few available scooters! Globber offers a wide range of award-winning, innovative kick scooters for all ages, making your everyday life a lot easier. Which one will you pick?! 

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ONE NL 230 ULTIMATE Big Wheel Scooter

Foldable adult scooter with big wheels.

Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars

GS 360

Best stunt scooter for kids and teens aged 8+ with 1 channel T5 treated aluminium deck.

GS 540

Best stunt scooters for kids and teens aged 8+ with pegs. 

ONE NL 205-180 DUO

2-wheel foldable scooter for adults with big wheels (205mm front; 180mm back).


 Scooter with extra-wide seat & LED lights.


3-wheel scooter for kids.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars


100% tool-less foldable scooter with seat for toddlers with an extra-wide seat and light-up horn and light. Ride-on; walking bike; scooter all-in-one.


3-wheel light-up scooter for kids with patterned scooter deck.