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GO BIKE AIR Balance Bike For Toddlers Aged 3+

GO BIKE AIR Balance Bike For Toddlers Aged 3+
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GO-BIKE-AIR-adjustable-toddler-balance-bike-with-6-height-adjustable-saddle-and2-height-adjustable-handlebar_pastel-blue 2
GO-BIKE-AIR-big-toddler-balance-bike-for-girls-and-boys-aged-3-to-6-with-rubber-air-tyres 3
GO-BIKE-AIR-toddler-balance-bike-transform-bike-frame-from-low-frame-position-into-high-frame-position_pastel-blue 4
GO-BIKE-AIR-toddler-balance-bike-with-robust-steel-frame-and-shock-absorbing-rubber-tyres_pastel-blue 5
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GO-BIKE-AIR-best-toddler-balance-bike-for-kids-aged-3-to-6_pastel-blue thumbnail 1
GO-BIKE-AIR-adjustable-toddler-balance-bike-with-6-height-adjustable-saddle-and2-height-adjustable-handlebar_pastel-blue thumbnail 2
GO-BIKE-AIR-big-toddler-balance-bike-for-girls-and-boys-aged-3-to-6-with-rubber-air-tyres thumbnail 3
GO-BIKE-AIR-toddler-balance-bike-transform-bike-frame-from-low-frame-position-into-high-frame-position_pastel-blue thumbnail 4
GO-BIKE-AIR-toddler-balance-bike-with-robust-steel-frame-and-shock-absorbing-rubber-tyres_pastel-blue thumbnail 5
GO BIKE AIR Balance Bike For Toddlers Aged 3+
  • Big toddler balance bike for girls and boys aged 3-6Y comes with 100% rubber air tyres (248mm / 10”), for maximum shock absorption and smooth, safe bike rides! 
  • Well-designed, reversible toddlers’ balance bike frame allows you to quickly and easily change the balance bike from a low frame to a high frame position, for continued use as your toddler grows & develops motor skills! The cool, patterned toddler balance bike frame comes in a funky flame, flower, tribal and racer design. 
  • Adjustable toddlers’ balance bike comes with a 6-height adjustable saddle (3 heights per frame) made of soft & comfortable PU and 2-height adjustable, curved handlebars with comfortable and durable TPR ergonomic grips. A tool-less, removable footrest is included in-pack to further aid your toddler to learn how to balance and develop key bicycle skills while riding.  

Age range 3 to 6Y
Recommended User Height 85cm to 110cm
Max User Weight 25kg
Foldable No
Adjustable Yes
Seat heights Low frame position: 34cm, 36.5 & 39cm (from the ground), High frame position: 36.5, 39 & 41.5cm(from the ground)
Wheels size 248mm
Wheels material Rubber pneumatic tyres
Product weight 4.02kg
Big Toddler Balance Bike With 10” Rubber Tyres; Play & Learn At Its Best! GO BIKE AIR, our toddler balance bike for kids aged 3+, comes with 10” tyres—our biggest toddler wheels in the GO BIKE series, that are 100% rubber, to offer maximum shock absorption and smooth rides while your toddler learns how to ride a balance bike!
GO BIKE AIR toddler balance bike for kids aged 3+ is designed with a reversible balance bike frame, allowing you to transform the bike frame from a low frame position into a high frame position, offering even more product versatility as your toddler grows and develops motor skills. What’s more, the tool-less, removable footrest allows toddlers to comfortably rest both feet, aiding them further in learning balance and coordination while riding on our kids’ balance bike!Well-designed Toddlers’ Balance Bike.
An Adjustable Balance Bike For Toddlers & Kids That Meets Your Every Need! GO BIKE AIR is one of the best adjustable balance bike for kids, thanks to its 6-height adjustable saddle (3 heights per frame position) and 2-height adjustable, curved handlebars, for maximum comfort and usability for toddlers aged 3 to 6 years. Your toddler will always find the perfect position to enjoy comfy rides for years to come!
A safe & durable balance bike for toddlers! Our GO BIKE AIR toddlers’ balance bike comes with a robust steel frame, metal handlebars and shock-absorbing rubber tyres, for safe rides every time!

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