Fast electric scooters for adults

Електричні самокати для дітей, підлітків та молоді

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Fast Electric Scooter For Adults

Watch the video to find out more about our ONE K E-MOTION electric scooter as your ultimate urban solution.

A fast electric scooter for urban explorers.
the smoothest experience - E-scooter

The Smoothest Experience: E-scooter.

ONE K E-MOTION electric scooter for adults comes with rubber wheels front & back for maximum comfort and a puncture-free ride.

safety at it’s best - scooter with handbrake

Safety At Its Best: Scooter with handbrake.

The handlebar brake is connected to the back wheel's drum brake to quickly bring the e-scooter to a halt. 

it’s a foldable e-scooter - kick & fold e-scooter foldable in less than a second

It’s A Foldable E-scooter: Kick & fold.

Quickly collapse the 2-wheel electric scooter for easy mobility.

accelerator of our e-scooter

It’s Easy To Use.

Our electric scooter for adults has an accelerator lever to easily increase your speed. With the LCD real-time display you can check your current speed, mileage, and battery percentage.