Spare Parts

Fix up your Globber! Spare wheels, screws, clamps, brakes, and more are available for various Globber models to make your scooter as good as new and ready to scoot.



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Wheels Size

Scooter Rear Brake
GO•UP & PRIMO Series' rear brake
1 x long covered rear brake in-pack. Compatible with all Globber's PRIMO & GO•UP scooter serie...
121mm Led Light Up Front Scooter Wheel
Spare part: 121mm LED light-up front wheels (2 in-pack)
Battery-free LED light-up front scooter wheels flash in red, blue & green while scooting, thanks...
80mm LED Light Up Rear Scooter Wheel Min
Spare part: 80mm LED light-up rear scooter wheel (1 in-pack)
Battery-free LED light-up scooter wheel flashes in blue, green and red. No batteries are required, t...
Scooter Handlebar Clamp
Spare part: T-bar plastic clamp for 3-wheel scooters
Composite scooter handlebar clamp for 3-wheel scooters to easily adjust the T-bar height. Standard c...