Sustainable Scooters for a Greener World on Wheels

Go Globber. Go Greener!

Globber is the 1st—and only—scooter brand in the world to use 25-100% Global Recycled Standard plastic* in majority of products—not just 1 scooter but 100+. 

What is the Global Recycled Standard?

The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is the international benchmark for verifying the presence of recycled content in finished goods. This comprehensive protocol ensures transparency in material sourcing and promotes the principles of a circular economy within a given supply chain.

The supply chain for our 3-wheel and ECOLOGIC collections—which together represent the majority of our products—is certified by the Global Recycled Standard.

Opting for GRS-certified recycled plastic redirects significant quantities of waste away from landfills and waterways. In fact, since October 2022, we’ve been able to reuse 118+ combined tonnes of used bottles and cups, salvaged fish nets, and old toys and pads!

*In applicable components; please read on to see which components. 

Scoot to Eco-lution

A greener world on wheels—that’s our mission: We are proud to be the 1st scooter brand in the world to use Global Recycled Standard plastic in the majority of our products. We are working towards 100% recycled plastic* across all collections and currently have 25-38% recycled plastic in our 3-wheel collection and 60-100% recycled plastic plus bio-sourced wheat-straw in our ECOLOGIC collection:

3-Wheel Collection

ECOLOGIC Collection

We are proudly taking steps to help people live and stand by their own green values, choices, and practices. Striving towards that common goal, let’s scoot to eco-lution for a greener world on wheels. 

*In applicable components; please read on to see which components. 

3-Wheel Collection: Recycled Plastic Composition

We're proud to say that we use recycled plastic wherever we can: Our entire 3-wheel collection is made with 25-38% recycled plastic in each component that can be made with recycled plastic. So, when you ride one of our 3-wheels scooters, you can feel good knowing you are scooting to eco-lution!

Recycled PP Components

Recycled polypropylene (PP) is sourced from used bottles and cups, giving new life to waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. Since October 2022, we have reused 12 tonnes of recycled PP in the production of various critical components of our scooters. Incorporating recycled PP is a win-win: We can create quality scooters while reducing the demand for virgin plastic. 

Components made with 25-38% Recycled PP


  • Front head
  • Folding button set
  • Cover & brake


  • Inner tube
  • Inner tube plate
  • Clamp lever

Seat (GO•UP)

  • Handle fixing plate
  • Fixing knob
  • Cover & sleeve

Footrest (GO•UP)

  • Fixing knob
  • Fixing apparatus
  • Cover button

Recycled Nylon Components

Recycled nylon, a material we proudly use in the production of various parts of our scooters, is sourced from fish nets that have been rescued from the ocean. Since October 2022, we have reused 103 tonnes of recycled nylon, not only reducing waste but also contributing to the conservation of marine ecosystems. Another win-win: Healthier oceans and high-quality rides! 

Components made with 25-38% Recycled Nylon


  • Trucks
  • Connector & spring fix

Deck & T-Bar

  • Steering lock button
  • Connector tube

Seat (GO•UP)

  • Seat support & handle
  • Finger safety button

Footrest (GO•UP)

  • Fixing knob
  • Footplate

Recycled TPE Components

Derived from discarded toys and pads, recycled thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is transformed into durable components of our scooters. Since October 2022, we have reused 3 tonnes of recycled TPE, diverting it from landfills. Using recycled TPE contributes to a more circular economy while ensuring the durability of our scooters with a high-grade, repurposed material.

Components made with 25-38% TPE


  • Handlebar grips

Seat (GO•UP)

  • Cover

ECOLOGIC Collection: Recycled Plastic Composition

Our ECOLOGIC collection comprises the above components, but instead of 25-38%, it is made with 60-100% recycled plastic plus bio-sourced wheat-straw*. Wheat-straw makes up approximately 10% of the 60-100% recycled plastic in the ECOLOGIC collection.

Wheat-Straw Components

Wheat-straw is a bio-plastic sourced from agricultural waste. It diverts from the waste stream and is inherently durable due to its lignin compound. This enables our ECOLOGIC scooters to retain their structural integrity with a bio-sourced plastic that is 100% safe for kids to scoot all day, every day! Since October 2022, we've reused 1.5 tonnes of wheat-straw in several scooter components. 

Components infused with 10% Bio-Sourced Wheat-Straw


  • Cover


  • Handlebar grips

Seat (GO•UP)

  • Cover

Globber Green Fact Sheet

Download our Globber Green Fact Sheet to discover our work with the Global Recycled Standard, ECOLOGIC collection, commitment to sustainability, and more! Join us as we scoot toward a greener a world on wheels! 

Plastic-Free Packaging

We are striving towards a greener future and leaving behind plastic-infested packaging!

All our new products (released in this catalogue) feature plastic-free, recyclable packages, replacing the plastic polybags with recyclable paper and the plastic carry handles with easy-carry slots.

By 2025, all our packages will be entirely plastic-free & recyclable!

How Does Scooting Help the Environment?

Sustainable urban mobility*—which is at the heart of everything we do—is forecasted to reduce at least 55% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

*Comprises greener transportation choices, such as scooters, bikes, electric vehicles, etc.

Kick it through scooting!

The transport sector emits +20% of the world’s carbon. But sustainable urban mobility is our pièce de résistance: Iconic rides that are eco-friendly and emission-free by their very nature.

We want to create a safe, accessible metropolitan environment where citizens can reach destinations with zero-emissions transport, like walking, cycling, and—best of all—scooting. 

World cities like Lyon (where we’re designed), Hong Kong (where we’re HQ’d), Zurich, Paris, Seoul, Prague, Vienna, London, Singapore, Stockholm, Frankfurt, and many more are leading the way with robust networks and initiatives for sustainable urban mobility—and we’re proud to be there for all, every scoot of the way!

Sustainable urban mobility is at the heart of everything we do. It’s who we are. It’s why we are: With car usage for short trips comprising the largest share of journeys in any given city, if we all can simply scoot more for even just those quick distances, work commutes, and errands out, we can conquer our automobile dependency and kick the CO2 habit together!

Global Recycled Standard = The Globber Standard

Globber is committed to reducing waste by reusing it: Our 3-wheel collection is made with 25-38% recycled plastic*—and we’re working towards 100% recycled plastic* across all collections.

Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is an international protocol that verifies recycled content in final products. It covers the full supply chain, shows truth in materials, and supports a circular economy. Using GRS plastic saves energy and water and prevents tonnes of waste from going to landfills.

Greener Manufacturing

The supply chain of our 3-wheel collection is GRS-certified by trusted and accredited certifying bodies for major textile standards. Their GRS certification guarantees that we voluntarily but wholly adhere to strict GRS manufacturing processes and protocols:

  • Procuring our GRS plastic from GRS-certified suppliers only
  • When producing our GRS components, implementing special manufacturing and warehouse areas to avoid mixing with non-GRS plastics
  • Post-production, trading any remaining GRS plastic to renewable resource recovery firms for further reuse

We exist to disrupt our industry

We are proud to be the 1st scooter brand in the world to apply this esteemed international standard, pioneering a greener world on wheels.

Recycled Plastic & Wheat-Straw Composition: ECOLOGIC Collection

Our new ECOLOGIC collection is the 1st of its kind to infuse biodegradable wheat-straw with recycled plastic*:

  • GO•UP FOLDABLE PLUS ECOLOGIC: 100% recycled plastic + wheat-straw*
  • JUNIOR FOLDABLE LIGHTS ECOLOGIC: 60% recycled plastic + wheat-straw*
  • PRIMO FOLDABLE LIGHTS ECOLOGIC: 60% recycled plastic + wheat-straw*

ECOLOGIC Composition

  • Wheat-straw comprises 10% of the scooters’ dual-coloured deck, handlebar grips, and ride-on seat**.
  • Recycled PP is used in components, such as clamps, buttons, fixing plates, and the scooter brake.
  • Recycled nylon can be found in the scooters’ T-bar and wheel connectors, supporting components, footrest**, and ride-on seat**.
  • Recycled TPE is used in handlebar grips and ride-on seat covers**.

Wheat-straw is a bioplastic that’s 100% bio-sourced and renewable. A by-product of wheat harvesting, it diverts from the waste stream and minimises environmental impacts of production and non-renewable resources.

Greener Sourcing

While traditional plastic production drills the earth and extracts oil to make synthetic polymers, wheat-straw production reuses agricultural refuse and breaks down the plant’s walls to yield natural polymers: cellulose and lignin.

Non-toxic, strong, and durable, these natural wheat-straw polymers plus recycled plastic* ensure our ECOLOGIC collection is structurally sound, safe, and sustainable to scoot all day, every day!

*In applicable components.
**Components exclusive to GO•UP ACTIVE LIGHTS ECOLOGIC.

Globber Magic: Poof! 1 Purchase = 3+ Products

Globber is in it for the long haul, and our patented designs—which built to last—are a testament to that promise. Our products can be your sustainability companion for years. As just a few examples: 

  • The EXPLORER TRIKE Series is an all-in-one trike and balance bike for little explorers from babyhood to toddler years. As your child grows, you can transform the baby bike into 4 different modes of fun: infant trike (10-36M), guided trike (18-36M), training trike (24-36M), and balance bike (2-5Y). 
  • The GO•UP Series is also an all-in-one design that caters to multiple age ranges by integrating 3 different products in 1, with each mode suitable for toddlers 10-15 months until 7-9+ years of age. 
  • ULTIMUM scooters are 3-wheel rides that support a 100kg rider weight with a 6-height adjustable T-bar, so that the scooter can be customized to every rider and used by everyone for literally a lifetime—from childhood all the way to adulthood. 

Globber products adapt with growing kids and deliver longevity and durability, promoting a sustainable purchase option for families.

Just as we value longevity, we value reusability

Also exclusive to the Globber brand is our spare parts initiative that further supports long-term usage. Spare wheels, screws, clamps, brakes, and more are on-hand across all regions. So instead of discarding an otherwise good product due to lost parts, you can replace with new parts as a cost-effective, sustainable way to make your Globber as good as new!

51+ million trees in 2023

We want our endeavours to echo for future generations. So we’re answering the call and supporting environmental conservation and restoration through a partnership with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organisation dedicated to reforesting the globe. 

Forests cover 31% of our land surface, but that area is shrinking—we lost 420 million hectares of our forests to deforestation between 1990-2020 alone. We are proud to help support One Tree Planted in their global effort to save the world’s forests, one tree at a time. Check out some of their good work in 2023:

  • 1.5 million trees were planted to restore 808.20 hectares of land that burned during the 2017 Plateau wildfire in British Columbia. Replanting in burn zones accelerates regeneration, creating wildlife habitat and a healthy, resilient forest.
  • 729,402 trees were planted to restore 584 hectares of land in communities across Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, Thailand, to improve food security, enhance livelihoods, and boost biodiversity.
  • 440,450 trees were planted to restore 108.50 hectares of land in the Western Region of Jutland, Denmark. This project established multi-functional woodland on marginal farmland to absorb carbon, preserve groundwater, and improve biodiversity.
  • 1,360,168 trees were planted to restore 1,119.04 hectares of land in the Budongo-Bugoma Corridor to support the long-term and large-scale restoration of the Albertine Rift forests in Africa.

We’ve also designed our PRIMO FOLDABLE WOOD LIGHTS with an FSC-certified wood deck. FSC-certified wood is sourced from responsibly managed and re-planted forests recognised by the internationally accredited Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The loss of our forests will have a ripple effect touching each and every one of us, from the food we eat to the health of the ecosystems we depend on. Together in sustainably replanting and harvesting, we can help breathe new life into the planet.

We’re proud to work with One Tree Planted to help gain more forest grounds and rejuvenate biodiversity, welcoming the next generation with a greener world on wheels.

*In applicable components, which include those listed above made with recycled polypropylene, recycled nylon, and recycled thermo-plastic elastomer. The ECOLOGIC Collection is also made with bio-sourced wheat-straw in the applicable components listed above. Wheat-straw makes up approximately 10% of the 60-100% recycled plastic in the ECOLOGIC collection.