Our easy folding scooter with light-wheels for kids.


Watch the film to find out more about our ELITE 3-wheel fold-up scooter for kids aged 3 to 9+! 

Only Elite Series folds away after playtime.
adjustable scooters with light-up wheels

It Lasts Longer Than Any Other Toy.

ELITE series are 4-height adjustable scooters for children aged 3 to 9+ for maximum usability!

scooter for kids with a wide deck

It Has The Widest Globber Deck.

ELITE series is our 3-wheel scooter for kids with an extra-large deck to more easily place two feet while scooting.

scooter for kids with patented steering lock button a faster way to learn to ride

A Faster Way To Learn To Ride.

Thanks to our patented steering lock button on our ELITE series, it locks the wheels to only move forward or backward for your child to quickly gain confidence, and easily balance on the scooter. Unlock the button to enable lean-to-steer riding.

3 light-up scooter styles

There are 3 Light-Up Scooter Styles To Choose.

Why not treat your kid to a light-up scooter with a flashing front deck and battery-free LED wheels, or if you prefer, just the flashing front deck or LED battery-free wheels?!