Go electric on 2-wheels with Globber!

Foldable 2-wheel electric scooter for teens and adults (aged 14Y+)

Product type

2-wheel electric scooter

Age range

14Y to adults

Recommended user height


Max user weight






T-bar heights

113 (from the ground)

Product color


Wheel size

220mm (50mm wide) front, 220mm (50mm) rear

Product weight (net)


Deck material

Composite (PP + fiber) + aluminium frame + silicone griptape

Deck size

W 17.5cm x L 75cm


E-ABS + mechanical disc brake

Max speed

Mode 1: 0-6km/h; mode 2: 0-18km/h; mode 3: 0-25km/h




Lithium; 36V; 7.8Ah

Motor power

350W brushless motor

Product badges

Anti-slip, Dual-brake, Electric, Foldable, Light-up

Product categories

Electric Scooters for All Ages

Wheels material

High-rebound rubber



All Globber items purchased are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. E-scooter batteries are covered by a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. Wear & tear items, including but not limited to wheels, bearings, grip tape, handlebar grips & 2-wheel rear brakes are excluded from our 2-year warranty.

Product Details

Go Electric on 2 Wheels: Experience the Thrill of a FOLDABLE E-Scooter!

Electrifying adventures await with E-MOTION 27, a 2-wheel foldable electric scooter for teens and adults (aged 14y+) to ride all day!

With a powerful motor and quality battery, patented folding system, user-friendly throttle, anti-slip deck, dual-braking system, LCD screen on the T-bar, and ISO bell and light, E-MOTION 27 is a reliable and fun 2-wheel e-scooter designed to last!

Key Benefits

Powerful 350w brushless motor
User-friendly throttle
Smart and strong dual-brake system
752 199 Adult Electric Scooter
Foldable Electric Scooter

Powerful Motor & Quality Battery

Longer lifespan and greater efficiency—that’s the name of the game with the 350-watt brushless motor and 7.8Ah and 36-volt lithium battery on E-MOTION 27. With a simple kick to start, it’s super safe and easy to ride our 2-wheel electric scooter—and scoot all day!


Patented Folding System

Our patented folding system with safety lock is integrated on E-MOTION 27, making it easy to fold, carry, and store this 2-wheel electric scooter when taking a break until the next adventure!

E Scooter With Anti Slip Deck

User-Friendly Throttle for Speed & Steering

Designed for safety, E-MOTION 27 comes with 3 built-in speed modes (0-6km/h, 0-18km/h, and 0-25km/h) and a user-friendly throttle on the handlebars, so you can cruise at steady speeds without removing your hands from the T-bar, ensuring secure speed and steering.

The super-wide aluminium T-bar also comes with dual-coloured TPR grips for ultimate style and comfort.


Anti-Slip Deck

The robust, super-wide deck comes with anti-slip silicone grip tape so you can always keep your feet securely and safely on the e-scooter. The deck comes with a kickstand for easy standing mode while taking a break and reflective side stickers for added safety while riding!

Electric Scooter With Dual Braking System

Dual-Braking System for Safe Rides

For extra safe rides, E-MOTION 27 comes with a strong dual-braking system: The E-ABS and mechanical disc-rear brake are activated by the handlebar brake and illuminate an ISO rear brake light for added visibility and security. The braking system works together to decrease deceleration distances and ensure timely stops.

The high-quality, high-rebound front and rear rubber tires are mounted on ABEC 7 bearings and give maximum shock absorption.

LCD Screen On E Scooter

LCD Screen

The super-wide and comfortable T-bar features an LCD screen with backlight that displays the battery level, speed mode, and current speed. It also features ergonomic TPR grips to ride in style and comfort!


ISO Light & Bell

For even more security as you ride your 2-wheel e-scooter, there is a front ISO bell and light included. Safety first!

Globber E27 Electric Scooter For Teens And Adults

Product Features

  • Electric scooter for teens and adults (14Y+) with powerful 350w brushless motor for longer lifespan and greater efficiency integrated in the rear wheel core; quality 36V, 7.8Ah lithium battery.
  • User-friendly throttle integrated on the handlebars with 3 built-in safe speed modes modes (0-6km/h, 0-18km/h, and 0-25km/h) for intuitive acceleration.
  • Integrated patented folding system with safety lock for convenient carry and storage.
  • Low reinforced deck with a wide, anti-slip silicone grip tape and reflective stickers for secure e-scoots.
  • Smart dual-brake system—E-ABS and mechanical rear brake activated by the handlebar brake with an ISO rear light—for safe deceleration.
  • LCD screen with backlight displays the battery level, speed mode, and current speed.
  • Super-wide aluminium T-bar with comfortable, dual-coloured TPR grips; for teens aged 14+ to adults; supports up to 100kg.
  • High-quality, high-rebound 220mm 100% rubber front and rear tires give maximum shock absorption; mounted on ABEC 7 bearings.

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