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10 Years of a Greener World on Wheels: The Globber Story

May 09, 2024

Life is powered by the connections we make and the friendships we keep—the kind of friendships that ignite a fire within. The kind that sparks a passion to go beyond the ordinary. The kind that transforms.

And this is just the kind of friendship that forged Globber: A band of childhood best mates from France formed a bond long ago that has lasted to this day. Compelled by their shared love of adventure, they set out to revolutionise a world of endless possibilities—on wheels.

Today, Globber is helmed by this group of lifelong friends, who collectively hold the most wheeled product experience in the world. And our mission remains: Create rides that bring joy and fun for everyone.

From day one, we’ve been driven by a vision to create and innovate, constantly pushing the boundaries of design, function, and experience. Over the past decade, our pursuit of excellence has allowed us to shape the way the world rides—not just transportation, but transformation.

Let’s scoot through the Globber story!

2014 Born in France

It feels like just yesterday that we embarked on this incredible journey in France. And now, after a decade of pushing boundaries and sparking innovation, we are overjoyed to have expanded our reach globally and touched the lives of people all around the world.

From our beginnings with our original 3-wheel collection in 2014, we are bursting with pride to now offer a diverse lineup of over 100 innovative and quality-first rides, from trikes and balance bikes to 2-wheelers and ride-ons and more!

None of this would have been possible without your unwavering support. You, our amazing community, have been the driving force behind our success. Thanks to your trust and encouragement, we have zoomed into more than 90 markets worldwide and garnered over 60 prestigious awards, all recognizing our commitment to quality and safety. For us, and for you, quality isn't just a word—it's safety in action.

As we grew, so did our dedication to a greener world on wheels. We have set ambitious goals to switch to fully plastic-free packaging by 2025 and have proudly become the world's first scooter brand to use Global Recycled Standard plastic in the majority of our products. We strive to make a positive impact on the planet we all call home.

2015 & 2016 The First Globbers

Joy and fun—Globber-style—enters the scooter industry with our first-ever Globbers: we proudly unveiled our first 3-wheel and 2-wheel scooter, launching in 2015 with the classic Globber look and functionalities.

Our big launch into the scooter industry shows our dedication to delivering innovative, high-quality rides that cater to people of all ages.

A year after its success, our first all-in-one ride-on is released to the market, which introduced our iconic transformation product: a ride-on that transforms into a walking bike and toddler scooter. With this ride-on addition to the first Globbers, we successfully opened up a whole new world of possibilities on wheels.

2016 1st Patent: Steering Lock System

We kicked off our innovation streak with our first patent: a steering lock system to revolutionise the conventional 3-wheel scooter.

With the steering lock system activated by the simple push of a button, the scooter’s wheels are fixed to only move forward and backward. This helps kids safely learn balance and how to stay on a scooter. And when they’re ready, simply unlock the system for classic lean-to-steer.

This innovation transformed the way we ride scooters, making it easier and safer for kids to learn how to scoot.

Later, we also innovated the push-button folding system, so parents and kids alike can easily fold their 3-wheel scooter with the simple push of a button!

2016 1st Award: Nuremberg Toy Award

After just two short years since our inception, we were honoured to achieved our first accolade—the prestigious Nuremberg Toy Award, which honours the best and brightest toys in the world—for our innovative first-generation ride-on scooter.

This started our awards streak with a total of 60+ awards to date and motivated us to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation.

2016 Elliptic Folding System

ELITE scooter's elliptic folding system is a patent that took Globber a step further in scooter innovation—this Globber-exclusive folding system is designed to provide users with maximum convenience and portability.

With just a simple button, the scooter can easily be folded and unfolded at a 180° turn without removing the T-bar, making it incredibly easy to fold, transport, and store.

2016 1-Second Folding System

Adding to our roster of folding systems and innovative design, ONE NL’s folding system allows riders to fold the ONE NL scooter in just one second, catering to on-the-go teens and adults living and commuting in the city.

ONE NL's folding system also makes the scooter incredibly efficient to transport and store in tight spaces with convenience.

2017 1st E-Scooter: ONE K E-MOTION

We scoot into the future with the first Globber e-scooter, designed with a focus on convenience, style, and sustainable urban mobility. It features a powerful electric motor, sleek design, and advanced features, such as adjustable handlebars and a long-lasting battery.

The launch of our first e-scooter showcased our commitment to providing innovative and high-quality products, while also contributing to alternative urban transportation methods.

2018 1st Scooter for the Family: ULTIMUM

ULTIMUM is a ground-breaking scooter that caters to all ages.

A versatile and durable 3-wheel scooter, ULTIMUM can be used by both kids and adults—one scooter for the whole family to explore the world on wheels!

With its adjustable handlebars and patented steering angle control system that adjusts how the scooter turns, ULTIMUM adapts to different riders from size to style.

2019 1st All-in-One Trike & 1st Balance Bike

Expanding the Globber line and taking inspiration from our all-in-one design, the first transformable all-in-one baby trike, known as EXPLORER TRIKE, enters the market catering to infants and young toddlers.

EXPLORER TRIKE transforms into four stages, from a baby trike to a walking bike.

In the same year, GO BIKE launches as our first balance bike offering for toddlers to build balance and coordination as they begin their cycling life.

2020 1st 3-Wheel Scooter for 2-Year-Olds

Expanding our toddler collection with the introduction of JUNIOR, we bring an innovative 3-wheel scooter that sets a new standard in the industry as it’s specifically designed for riders as young as 2 years old.

With its toddler-friendly design and safety features, JUNIOR scooters provide an ultra-fun and age-appropriate experience for young toddlers while promoting balance and coordination skills.

2022 Scoot to Eco-lution: Recycled Plastic

We are proud to be the world’s 1st scooter brand to use Global Recycled Standard (GRS) plastic across an entire collection—not just 1 scooter but 100+. 

GRS is the international benchmark for verifying the presence of recycled content in finished goods, ensuring transparency in materials and promoting a circular economy.

Our 3-wheel collection is made with 25-38% recycled plastic* and our ECOLOGIC collection has 60-100% recycled plastic with bio-sourced wheat-straw*. We are working towards 100% recycled plastic across all collections*.

From our use of GRS-certified recycled plastic across our 3-wheel and ECOLOGIC collections, we’ve been able to reuse 118+ combined tonnes of used bottles and cups, salvaged fish nets, and old toys and pads since October 2022. Learn more

*In applicable components; discover which components here.

2023 1st Foldable Trike

Building on the success of our fan-favourite all-in-one baby trike, we introduced EXPLORER TRIKE FOLDABLE 4in1 to the EXPLORER TRIKE family series.

With a patented foldable mechanism, we made exploring the world on wheels even more convenient and versatile for families on-the-go.

This revolutionary feature keeps the Globber momentum going, allowing us to continue providing families with innovative solutions that make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

2023 Go Green: ECOLOGIC Collection

The ECOLOGIC collection stands out as the 1st of its kind to infuse bio-sourced wheat-straw plastic with 60-100% recycled plastic in applicable components.

By using sustainable materials, we are actively living by our eco values, all while moving towards a greener world on wheels.

We are proud to contribute to our industry’s sustainability practices and show our commitment to the environment.

2024 1st Globber Inline Skates

LEARNING SKATES 2in1 marks a step beyond our already popular scooters, trikes, and balance bikes.

Designed to be the perfect combo of fun and learning, LEARNING SKATES 2in1 offer two modes of fun—learning and inline—allowing children to discover at their own pace while having a blast.

2024 The 360° Revolution

Continuous innovation is what Globber is all about, and the new GO•UP BABY 360° LIGHTS showcases exactly that!

This newest GO•UP introduces an exciting addition to the classic ride-on mode with a patented 360° steering system: Parents can effortlessly steer, navigate, and guide the child, while kiddos enjoy a fun and comfortable ride.

It's a win-win innovation that brings joy and convenience to the whole family.

2025 Plastic-Free Packaging

We're determined to contribute to a more sustainable future, so we're saying goodbye to plastic-infested packaging!

Our new products (as launched in the 2024 catalogue) already come in plastic-free and recyclable packages, replacing the plastic polybags with recyclable paper and swapping the plastic carry handles for convenient easy-carry slots. And by 2025, all products will be made with this plastic-free packaging!

As we look back on this incredible decade of growth, we cannot express enough gratitude for the power of friendship and the love and support we receive from our global family.

From 10 years ago to 100+ years ahead, thank you for joining us on this amazing ride of life, and here's to many more years of spreading joy on wheels for all of us—together!