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August 07, 2023

Fostering social skills through play with EXPLORER TRIKE FOLDABLE 4in1

Last call for the EXPLORER TRIKE adventure… “All aboard!”

Hop aboard the fun express and get ready for exciting playdates with Globber’s new foldable baby tricycle: EXPLORER TRIKE FOLDABLE 4in1! Designed to inspire the little ones and stimulate play and development, this folding all-in-one trike and balance bike is the perfect companion for little explorers on their journey of discovery.


EXPLORER TRIKE FOLDABLE 4in1 is an all-in-one foldable tricycle that’s a true chameleon, adapting to your toddler’s needs at every stage of development with not one, not two, but FOUR different stages of fun: infant trike (10-36M), guided trike (18-36M), training trike (24-36M), and balance bike mode (2-5Y). The four modes allow children to grow and learn at their own pace. From a parent-controlled trike to a fully independent tricycle, this trike adapts to the ever-changing needs of your child.


We’ve taken convenience to a whole new level: the push tricycle’s patented scissor folding system and foldable components allow you to easily transform it into a compact, transportable wonder. Say hello to more space and easy transport– carrying this baby trike around is a breeze, so you can hit the road with ease.

EXPLORER TRIKE FOLDABLE 4in1 folding trike also comes with a 100% tool-less design (no tools needed to transform!), a 2-height adjustable parent handle and saddle for even more comfort, a foldable high-back seat and smart handlebars, removable footrest, and EVA foam wheels to provide even more functionality!

With its versatile and foldable design, EXPLORER TRIKE FOLDABLE 4in1 offers convenience and easy transformation, making it ideal for families on the go and ready to explore the world on wheels!


Social Skills and Child Development through Play with EXPLORER TRIKE FOLDABLE 4in1

Childhood is a crucial period for the development of social skills, and finding the right toys and tools to encourage this growth is essential. EXPLORER TRIKE FOLDABLE 4in1 is a remarkable foldable tricycle that not only provides a fun and safe ride for kids but also helps them develop valuable social skills through play. Let's explore how this innovative foldable trike can positively impact a child's social development:

Encouraging Cooperative Play

EXPLORER TRIKE FOLDABLE 4in1 boasts four different stages—infant trike, guided trike, training trike, and balance bike—that can be transformed along a child's growth.

In the first two stages (infant trike and guided trike), parents have full control over the trike's steering and mobility. This allows you to engage in cooperative play with your child, fostering a sense of bond and collaboration from an early age.

This interactive experience encourages children to communicate, compromise (mum or dad has to steer and decide where to go, of course!), and be aware of their surroundings, all of which are vital social skills.


Building Confidence and Independence

As children grow older, EXPLORER TRIKE FOLDABLE 4in1 offers two more stages (training trike and balance bike) that gradually introduce more independence. With each stage, children gain confidence in their abilities, as they learn to control the folding trike themselves and eventually ride it in balance bike mode. By giving them the freedom to explore their surroundings, interact with peers, and navigate their way, this all-in-one foldable trike and balance bike empowers children to become more self-reliant and assertive, further enhancing their social skills.

Stimulating Imaginative Play

EXPLORER TRIKE FOLDABLE 4in1 is not just a ride to conveniently bring your little one around; it also sparks imaginative play. The foldable trike can be transformed into 4 different modes: a push tricycle, a guided tricycle, a classic tricycle, and a balance bike. This versatility promotes creativity and imaginative thinking, enabling kids to create their own stories and scenarios, like being little explorers together and hopping on their EXPLORER TRIKES (or balance bikes) to a wonderful world of play on a sunny afternoon!

Engaging in imaginative play helps toddlers develop empathy, learn social roles, and practice problem-solving skills through pretend play with friends or siblings (aka, their fellow little explorers!)

Enhancing Social Interaction

This foldable tricycle encourages parents and their little explorers to hop aboard the EXPLORER TRIKE FOLDABLE 4in1 and head outdoors to explore the world around them. This creates opportunities for social interaction with peers, siblings, and adults.

Whether it's pushing your little ones side-by-side with family friends, going on adventure hunts in the park, or simply engaging in friendly conversations, Globber’s EXPLORER TRIKE FOLDABLE 4in1 becomes a catalyst for socialising and developing meaningful connections.

Stimulating Communication

Communication is a vital aspect of social development. EXPLORER TRIKE FOLDABLE 4in1 provides children with a platform to interact with toddlers, parents, or siblings during playtime.

Kids can engage in interactions, conversations, and share playtime ideas as they grow older, as well as coordinate their movements while riding the foldable trike and balance. This form of interactive play enhances their language skills and encourages effective communication, enabling them to build stronger relationships with others.

Exploration never stops with EXPLORER TRIKE FOLDABLE 4in1. Let the EXPLORER TRIKE be your child's first step towards a lifetime of adventure! "Unleash the explorer within!"