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All-in-one training trike and walking bike (aged 12-36M)

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Product type

Training trike, Walking Bike


Fuchsia, Mint, Sky Blue

Age range


Recommended user height


Max user weight






Seat heights

25.4 & 26.7cm (from the ground)

Product weight (net)


Wheels size

150mm rear, 200mm front

Wheels material

EVA foam

Product badges


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Product Details

Pedal into adventure or step into a world on wheels—either way, LEARNING TRIKE 2in1 convertible tricycle is the perfect ride to fuel young minds and build motor skills while having fun!

With LEARNING TRIKE 2in1, there are two ways to play: training trike mode, which enables toddlers to pedal and steer, and walking bike mode, which enables toddlers to balance on two wheels pedal-free.

This all-in-one training infant trike and walking bike is designed to help toddlers (12-36M) learn balance and coordination while having a blast. With its robust frame, 100% tool-less design, 2-height adjustable saddle, and comfortable EVA foam wheels, LEARNING TRIKE 2in1 convertible tricycle is a brilliant ride for little ones to discover the joy of learning on wheels!

Key Benefits

All-in-one ride
2-height adjustable saddle
EVA foam wheels
735 101 Learning Trike With Adjustable Saddle
Transformable Learning Trike

All-in-one Ride

Training trike mode

Training trike mode enables toddlers to pedal and steer, allowing them to gain a better understanding of how their bodies move and how to control their movements. Toddlers can build strength, balance, and coordination to help reach key developmental milestones!

Walking bike mode

Walking bike mode enables toddlers to learn control and how to balance on two wheels, pedal-free. To move forward, all they need to do is push off the ground with their feet while sitting on the comfy seat—perfect for toddlers ready to explore the world of cycling!

735 Transformable Learning Trike

Robust Frame and 100% Tool-Less, All-in-One Design

LEARNING TRIKE 2in1 is equipped with a robust metal frame that can handle all the bumps and bounces of playtime, ensuring your child is safe and supported while riding the convertible tricycle.

The 100% tool-less, all-in-one design allows you to seamlessly switch modes on the convertible tricycle without the need for tools or screws. Simply change the rear wheel module between wide-set (training trike) and narrow-set (walking bike) for different ways to play.

Easily remove the pedals for walking bike mode and conveniently store them in the wide-set rear wheel module to avoid misplacing them when not in use!

735 2in1 Learning Trike

Adjustable Saddle for a Comfortable Ride

LEARNING TRIKE 2in1’s 2-height adjustable (25.4cm or 26.7cm), dual-coloured saddle with anti-slip TPE and comfortable handlebars with TPR ergonomic grips provide maximum riding comfort to your toddler. Easily adjust the height of the convertible tricycle’s saddle to match your child’s, ensuring she/he can reach the pedals or ground comfortably and maintain proper posture while riding. Comfy and fun!


Durable EVA Foam Wheels

LEARNING TRIKE 2in1 tricycle and walking bike is equipped with durable and comfy, puncture-free EVA foam wheels for safe, smooth rides every time! Two dual-wheel rear modules are included to convert from training trike mode (wide-set) to walking bike mode (narrow-set).

735 Learning Trike For Toddlers

Product Features

  • All-in-one baby tricycle and walking bike for toddlers aged 12-36M to get more ways to play! Each mode supports a maximum weight of 20kg.
  • Convertible tricycle with 100% tool-less design to easily assemble and transform the product from training trike to walking bike and vice versa.
  • Adjustable 2in1 trike and walking bike with a 2-height adjustable (25.4cm or 26.7cm from the ground), dual-coloured, anti-slip TPE saddle and handlebars with comfortable and durable TPR ergonomic grips for maximum support.
  • Smooth rides with one 200mm (7.87”) front wheel and two sets of 150mm (5.91”) rear EVA foam wheels (wide-set and narrow-set for training trike mode and walking bike mode, respectively).
  • Safe 2in1 training trike and walking bike with a robust metal frame and removable pedals with built-in pedal storage for maximum product usage.

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