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Scooter Spare Parts

Scooter Spare Parts

Browse all available Globber scooter spare parts’ retail packs for kids scooters, teen scooters and adult scooters here! You will find all our wear and tear out-of-warranty spare parts as well as available spare parts for Globber scooters now past our 2-year limited warranty, including Globber’s kids’ scooter brake, scooter wheels, scooter handlebar grips, light-up scooter wheels and scooter clamps. 

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LED wheels

Battery-free LED front wheels. Front Lighting Wheels 2pcs P#1004

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

Spare parts: spring

Kid's spring spare part for EVO/GO UP & PRIMO series. Nylon Bar and Spring P#1024

Spare parts: handlebar grips

Kid's handlebar grips spare part for 3-wheel scooters. They Do NOT come in Retail Packaging

Spare parts: t-bar clamp (PRIMO, EVO, ELITE)

Kid's T-bar clamp for 3-wheel scooters & FLOW series. Cool Grey Colour 11C

Spare parts: ONE NL 125 wheel

125mm wheel spare part for ONE NL 125 scooters. P# 4122

Spare parts: ONE NL 205 wheel

205mm wheel spare part for ONE NL 205 scooters. P#4222

Spare parts: ONE NL 230 wheel

230mm wheel spare part for ONE NL 230 scooters P# 4319

Spare parts: rear wheel ELITE

Kid's rear wheel for ELITE series.  P3031

Spare parts: wheels (back wheel PRIMO, EVO)

Kid's rear wheel for PRIMO & EVO/Go Up series.

Spare parts: kids brake (GO•UP / PRIMO)

Kid's brake spare part for PRIMO & GO•UP series. 

Spare parts: teens brake (FLOW)

Kid's brake spare part for FLOW series. P2004