PRIMO series

Accessible, feature-rich 3-wheel scooters for kids.

422 110 3 Pink Scooter With Two Front Wheels
Enjoy scooting adventures on PRIMO!
3-wheel scooter for kids (aged 3-7)
430 101 2 Collapsible Scooter For 3 Years Old
Primo Foldable
Get more with the best value on your favourite 3-wheel scooter!
3-wheel folding scooter for kids (aged 3-7)
432 100 2 3 Wheel Folding Scooter With Lights
Primo Foldable Lights
Get more with the best value on your favourite 3-wheel scooter!
3-wheel scooter for kids (aged 3-7)
436 100 3 Wheel Light Up Wooden Scooter
Primo Foldable Wood Lights
Live and breathe your green practices while enjoying some scooting fun!
3-wheel wooden scooter for kids (aged 3-7)
Three Wheel Light Up Scooter For Kids
Primo Plus Lights
4-height adjustable scooter with LED lights.
Scooter for kids aged 3+.
3 Wheel Scooter

Start your little one on a life of adventure!

Take your little adventurer out for a spin and start scooting! PRIMO Series is the perfect blend of functionality, durability, and patented innovations in a 3-wheel scooter.

With Globber’s patented steering lock system that fixes the front wheels in a forward-only motion, kids can learn how to balance and gain confidence to scoot.

PRIMO ensures parents get more for less, with the best value for money, and guarantees kids safe rides and fun times!

3 Wheel Scooter With Lights

Learn To Scooter Faster.

Thanks to our patented steering lock button on our PRIMO 3-wheel scooters, the steering system of the two front wheels is fixed to only move forward and backward, to help your child quickly gain confidence and easily balance on the scooter. Unlock the button to enable lean-to-steer riding.

3 Wheel Light Up Scooter

Built To Last.

All PRIMO kids scooters have a reinforced body frame supporting up to 50kg; durable TPR handlebar grips; and PU casted wheels, to deliver a robust scooter for playtime!


Play For Longer.

All PRIMO 3-wheel scooters for kids are adjustable scooters, which have a new & improved steering system to make wider and sharper turns up to 90° for longer and better rides!