ELITE series

Globber’s deluxe range of 3-wheel light-up scooters for kids.

444 202 Ft R RGB
Elite Deluxe
Premium foldable scooter for kids.
3-wheel scooter (aged 3-9)
444 406 3 Wheel Light Up Scooter
Elite Deluxe Lights
Race off in glowing lights!
Deluxe 3-wheel light-up scooter (aged 3-9)
Scooter With Led Lights

Light ‘em up as you race down the block!

Have your scooter glow up as you speed up, because what’s better than blazing a trail of glowtastic lights as you scoot?

ELITE Series is all about the light-up wheels and deluxe features like a Globber-patented elliptic folding system for convenient and easy storage, battery-free LED wheels powered by kinetic energy, and a light-up vibration sensor for ELITE PRIME models.

Day or night, scooting on ELITE is sure to be a luminous ride!

Foldable 3 Wheel Scooter

There’s More to Love with ELITE Series.

Our ELITE folding scooters for kids aged 3+ come with our easy-to-use patented elliptic folding system. With just 1 press of a button, you can fold the T-bar without removing it from the deck! ELITE foldable scooters are now available in a new, premium design for an extra classy look.


Comfortable and Lasts Longer than Other Scooters.

ELITE series are 4-height adjustable scooters for children aged 3 to 9+ for maximum usability! It’s also a 3-wheel foldable scooter for kids with an extra-large deck to more easily place two feet while scooting.

3 Wheel Light Up Scooter

There are Different Light-Up Scooter Styles Available!

Why not upgrade to a light-up scooter? ELITE DELUXE LIGHTS foldable scooters come with battery-free LED wheels in 3 colours, and ELITE PRIME has a flashing light-up scooter deck & white LED wheels!


It’s Now with a New Design & Colours!

ELITE DELUXE LIGHTS foldable scooters for kids now come with an anodized T-bar and our new, premium handlebar grips, to deliver a stylish & comfortable design refresh to our award-winning scooter series.

Foldable 3 Wheel Scooter

A Faster Way To Learn To Ride.

Thanks to our patented steering lock button on our ELITE series, the wheels are locked to only move forward or backward, for your child to quickly gain confidence and easily balance on the scooter. Unlock the button to enable lean-to-steer riding.