Scooters for Kids

It’s time for an adventure on wheels! Pick your fave and ride all day: Whether it’s a 3-wheel scooter or a 2-wheel ride, there’s a Globber for every adventurer.





Product type

Wheels Size

444 202 Ft R RGB
Elite Deluxe
Premium foldable scooter for kids.
3-wheel scooter (aged 3-9)
444 406 3 Wheel Light Up Scooter
Elite Deluxe Lights
Race off in glowing lights!
Deluxe 3-wheel light-up scooter (aged 3-9)
444 800 Light Up Kick Scooter
Elite Prime
Scoot and light up your everyday with ELITE PRIME
Deluxe 3-wheel light-up kick scooter for kids (aged 3-9)
FLOW FOLDABLE 125 2 Wheel Scooter For Kids New Red
Flow Foldable 125
Foldable 2-wheel scooter for kids & teens
2-wheel foldable kick scooter for teens
Globber GS 360 Best Stunt Scooters For Kids And Teens Aged 8 Fixed Handlebars White
Gs 360
Gear up and start honing your kicks & tricks
Trick scooter for beginner riders (aged 6+)
622 105 3 Trick Scooters For Kids
Gs 540
Shred and elevate your skills in freestyle scootering
Stunt scooter for intermediate riders (aged 8+)
624 005 3 Stunt Scooter For 8 And Above To Adults
Gs 720
Master tricks & shred stunts to next-level freestyle scootering
Stunt scooter for intermediate riders (aged 8+)
626 120 2 Best Stunt Scooter For Freestyle Scootering
Gs 900
The ultimate stunt scooter
Stunt scooter for advanced riders (aged 8+)
627 100 Pro Trick Scooters
GS 900 Deluxe
GS 900 DELUXE puts an extra flair to your pro trick scooter with its immensely popular neo chrome fi...
660 120 2 3 Wheel Scooter For Teens
An XL ride fit for a young MASTER of scooting!
Premium 3-wheel scooter for kids (aged 4-14)
684 105 2 Big Wheel Scooter For Kids
Nl 205
Need speed? It’s time for the big wheels!
Big 2-wheel scooter for kids and teens (aged 8+)  
Globber ONE K E MOTION 4 Award Winning 3 Wheel Electric Scooter For Boys And Girls With 80W Hub Motor Sky Blue
One K E-motion 4
Award-winning electric scooter.
3-wheel electric scooter for kids