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Explore a world on wheels with Globber! Browse scooters for all ages ranging from baby trikes, balance bikes, and scooters with seat to 3-wheel scooters, 2-wheel rides, complete stunt scooters, and electric scooters. Get moving and get scooting!





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444 202 Ft R RGB
Elite Deluxe
Premium foldable scooter for kids.
3-wheel scooter (aged 3-9)
444 406 3 Wheel Light Up Scooter
Elite Deluxe Lights
Race off in glowing lights!
Deluxe 3-wheel light-up scooter (aged 3-9)
632 206 3 Tricycle For 1 Year Olds
4 products in 1 purchase—from babyhood to toddler years!
All-in-one training tricycle & kids balance bike (10M-5Y)
732 120 4 In 1 Foldable Tricycle
Globber’s classic EXPLORER TRIKE, now foldable!
All-in-one baby trike & kids balance bike (10M-5Y)
FLOW FOLDABLE 125 2 Wheel Scooter For Kids New Red
Flow Foldable 125
Foldable 2-wheel scooter for kids & teens
2-wheel foldable kick scooter for teens
522 100 Scooter LED Light
Globber Flash Light LED
Scooter LED headlight with 2 modes—light on & flash.
Battery-powered LED with up to 50h battery life* and 100m coverage.
Balance Bike For 2 Year Old
Go Bike
Compact, adjustable, comfortable
Balance bike for toddlers
615 200 Convertible Balance Bike
Go Bike Air
Play and start your cycling life with GO BIKE AIR!
Balance bike for toddlers (aged 3-6)
459 101 2 S Light Up Scooter With Extra Wide Seat
GO•UP Comfort Lights
Go and grow with the best playdate in the prime of childhood
Light-up scooter with seat for toddlers (aged 15m – 3+)
3 In 1 Scooter For Toddlers
GO•UP Foldable Plus
Adjustable ✓ Foldable ✓ Footrest ✓
3-in-1 scooter with an adjustable seat for toddlers
694 510 3 In 1 Eco Scooter For Toddlers
A sustainable companion throughout their childhood years
All-in-one eco scooter with seat for toddlers (aged 15m – 3+) made with 100% GRS plastic and biode...
3 In 1 Scooter For Toddlers
GO•UP Foldable Plus Lights
A companion for your child throughout their toddler years
Light-up foldable scooter with seat for toddlers (aged 15m – 3+)