3-wheel Scooters

Explore Globber’s wide range of award-winning, innovative 3-wheel kick scooters perfect for scooting days out. Choose from an array of scooter designs, vibrant colours, and functional features that best suits your kid.





Product type

Wheels Size

444 202 Ft R RGB
Elite Deluxe
Premium foldable scooter for kids.
3-wheel scooter (aged 3-9)
444 406 3 Wheel Light Up Scooter
Elite Deluxe Lights
Race off in glowing lights!
Deluxe 3-wheel light-up scooter (aged 3-9)
459 101 2 S Light Up Scooter With Extra Wide Seat
GO•UP Comfort Lights
Go and grow with the best playdate in the prime of childhood
Light-up scooter with seat for toddlers (aged 15m – 3+)
3 In 1 Scooter For Toddlers
GO•UP Foldable Plus
Adjustable ✓ Foldable ✓ Footrest ✓
3-in-1 scooter with an adjustable seat for toddlers
694 510 3 In 1 Eco Scooter For Toddlers
A sustainable companion throughout their childhood years
All-in-one eco scooter with seat for toddlers (aged 15m – 3+) made with 100% GRS plastic and biode...
3 In 1 Scooter For Toddlers
GO•UP Foldable Plus Lights
A companion for your child throughout their toddler years
Light-up foldable scooter with seat for toddlers (aged 15m – 3+)
435 110 Junior Foldable 3 Wheel Scooter For Toddlers
Unlimited scooting ahead for little adventurers!
3-wheel scooters for toddlers (aged 2+)
3 Wheel Scooter For 2 Year Olds With Fun Scooter Deck Pattern Globber JUNIOR FOLDABLE FANTASY
Junior Foldable Fantasy
Scoot with unlimited patterns and colours!
Toddler scooter (aged 2+)
692 505 Eco Scooter For Toddlers
Sustainable Scooting Ahead for Little Adventurers!
3-wheel eco scooter for toddlers (2Y+) made with 60% GRS and plant-based plastic
660 120 2 3 Wheel Scooter For Teens
An XL ride fit for a young MASTER of scooting!
Premium 3-wheel scooter for kids (aged 4-14)
Globber ONE K E MOTION 4 Award Winning 3 Wheel Electric Scooter For Boys And Girls With 80W Hub Motor Sky Blue
One K E-motion 4
Award-winning electric scooter.
3-wheel electric scooter for kids
422 110 3 Pink Scooter With Two Front Wheels
Enjoy scooting adventures on PRIMO!
3-wheel scooter for kids (aged 3-7)