Flow Foldable 125

Foldable 2-wheel scooter for kids & teens

2-wheel foldable kick scooter for teens



Age range

6Y to adults


Black-grey, Deep Pink, Navy Blue, Red, Sky Blue



Product type

2-wheel scooter

Recommended user height


Max user weight


All Globber items purchased are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. E-scooter batteries are covered by a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. Wear & tear items, including but not limited to wheels, bearings, grip tape, handlebar grips & 2-wheel rear brakes are excluded from our 2-year warranty.

Product Details

  • Foldable 2-wheel scooter for kids & teens. Trolley mode compatible.
  • Triple structured deck design (2.7cm ground clearance) with EVA soft foam grip tape supports up to 100kg.
  • 4-height adjustable scooter with TPR handlebar grips in a dual-colour design.
2 Wheel Scooter For Beginner

Push button folding system. Safe and easy to use.

FLOW FOLDABLE 125 patented folding system, which is integrated at the front of the scooter deck, allows you to easily fold up the 2-wheel scooter for kids and teens with a push button.

2 Wheel Scooter For Kids And Teens

Triple Deck Structure. Designed To Last.

Thanks to FLOW 125 series aluminium supported & bi-injection composite deck with EVA soft foam grip tape, our scooters for teens offer maximum sturdiness and comfort.

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