Gs 720

Master tricks & shred stunts to next-level freestyle scootering

Stunt scooter for intermediate riders (aged 8+)

Product type

Stunt scooter


Black-Grey Blue, Black-Teal

Age range

8Y to adults

Recommended user height


Max user weight






T-bar heights

58cm from the bottom of the clamp to the top of the handlebar grips

Product weight (net)


Deck material

Triple-channel aluminium + sandgrip

Deck size

W 11cm x L 48cm


Mechanical rear brake (Flex steel)

Fork and head set

Sturdy reinforced threadless steel front fork assembled with a HIC compression system, mounted on a reinforced aluminium NECO® headset.


Two pegs included

Wheels size


Wheels material

High-rebound 88A PU casted wheels

Product badges

Intermediate, Robust, Stylish

All Globber items purchased are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. E-scooter batteries are covered by a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. Wear & tear items, including but not limited to wheels, bearings, grip tape, handlebar grips & 2-wheel rear brakes are excluded from our 2-year warranty.

Product Details

Shred in your skatepark with the GS 720 stunt scooter! Designed for kids, teens, and adults, it’s the perfect ride for intermediate riders looking for a complete stunt scooter that can handle the heat. Robust aluminium deck, threadless fork, stunt scooter pegs—check. GS 720 stunt scooter is performance ready.

GS 720 is designed with high-quality and durable components, such as a robust triple channel aluminium deck, threadless fork and NECO® headset, PU-casted stunt scooter wheels with aluminium anodized alloy core, a FLEX steel rear brake, and wide steel bar.

With two pegs at the front and rear wheel, this complete stunt scooter is packed with all the high-quality essentials you need to perform tricks, grinds, and spins!

Key Benefits

T-6 treated triple channel deck
Steel bar with TPR patterned grips
High quality PU-casted wheels
Threadless fork with NECO® headset
Stunt scooter pegs
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Robust Aluminium Deck for Durability

GS 720 stunt scooter for kids, teens, and adults is built with a triple channel T6 treated aluminium deck, a robust and resilient structure that’s durable enough for scootering on the ramps or the streets.


Threadless Fork with NECO® Headset & HIC Compression

GS 720 comes with a threadless fork and NECO® headset assembled with a HIC compression system for stable, hard-wearing rides and a set of quality pegs that can be installed in both stunt scooter wheels for intermediate-level riders to perform a range of stunts and tricks!

Stunt Scooters

High-Quality Wheels for Hard-Wearing Stunts

Our stunt scooter for 8+ to adults features high-quality 110mm PU-casted wheels with aluminium anodized alloy core, which means the GS 720 stunt scooter can endure the force of impact brought by jumps and other stunt landings when freestyle scootering. This intermediate stunt scooter also has a FLEX steel rear brake to safely and effectively decelerate.


Curved Steel Bar & Comfortable TPR Grips

GS 720 stunt scooter has a curved steel T-bar that’s 580mm in height and 530mm in width, equipped with comfortable TPR patterned grips, for intermediate riders ready to harness their skills in freestyle scootering with their very own stunt scooter!

Stunt Scooters

Product Features

  • Complete stunt scooter for intermediate riders aged 8+ to adults.
  • GS 720 stunt scooter has a robust triple channel T6 treated aluminium scooter deck (L 520mm x W 110mm) with 2° concave and a sturdy 83° T5 treated aluminium rectangle downtube (L 170mm x W 30mm x H 60mm).
  • High-quality & high-rebound 110mm 88A PU casted stunt scooter wheels with aluminium anodized alloy core, mounted on 680ZZ ABEC 7 CHROME scooter bearings.
  • Two stunt scooter pegs included in pack, which can be installed at the rear and front wheels of the stunt scooter for more stunts, and a FLEX steel rear stunt scooter brake for safe riding.
  • Durable 31.8mm diameter curved steel bar (H580 x W530mm) with 130mm long comfortable and durable TPR stunt scooter patterned grips.
  • Sturdy reinforced threadless steel front fork, mounted on a reinforced NECO® headset and assembled with a HIC compression system, and a 6063 aluminium anodized triple stunt scooter clamp, ensuring maximum robustness for freestyle scootering.

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