Time to build skills while having fun on your 3-in-1 baby balance bike!

All-in-one baby balance bike for toddlers (aged 12-36m)

Product type

Learning bike, Ride-on, Walking Bike


White-Mint, White-Pastel Blue, White-Pastel Pink

Age range


Recommended user height


Max user weight






Seat heights

24.2 & 26.2cm (from the ground)

Product weight (net)


Wheels size

150mm front, 150mm rear

Wheels material

EVA foam

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Product Details

Develop your toddler’s coordination while sparking joy at the same time? Sounds like a job for Globber’s 3-in-1 balance bike! With more ways to play, LEARNING BIKE 3IN1 keeps your toddler active and entertained all through the day.

Your all-in-one baby balance bike can transform into three modes—ride-on, learning bike, and walking bike—so you get longevity: 3 products in 1 purchase help build your child’s motor skills as early as 12 months old and well into toddler years.

Also enjoy Globber-exclusive features that deliver comfort and safety, including a patented steering system, adjustable parent handle and saddle, and a rear rotative system!

Key Benefits

All-in-one ride
4 unique steering modes
2-height adjustable saddle
2-height adjustable parent handle
Rear rotative system
638 201 3 In 1 Balance Bike Ride On
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Baby Balance Bike Magic: Poof! 3 Ways-to-Play in 1 Purchase

Abracadabra! LEARNING BIKE 3IN1, a balance bike for 12-36M toddlers, gives you 3 products in 1 purchase:

  • Ride-on: A parenting handle allows you to steer as your little one learns to ride.
  • Learning bike: The parenting handle can be removed for your toddler’s self-steering learning bike.
  • Walking bike: A set of double wheels is also included in-pack to switch from a 4-wheel learning bike to a 3-wheel walking bike.

No matter which mode, your child can play the day away!

Best Balance Bike

4 Ways to Turn & Learn

Thanks to Globber’s patented steering system, LEARNING BIKE 3IN1 also provides 4 unique steering modes:

  • Direction-locked: Fix the front wheels for forward-only movement so that your child can learn the feel of being on wheels.
  • Classic hand-steering: Use the handlebars to turn the wheels so your child has freedom of movement.
  • Lean-to-steer: Steer by leaning towards the preferred direction so your child can build balance and coordination.
  • Lean-to-steer and classic hand-steering: Combine the best of both worlds!


Adjustable 3-in-1 Balance Bike for Comfort

LEARNING BIKE 3IN1’s 2-height adjustable parent handle (88cm or 93cm) lets you customize to your height to comfortably push the 3-in-1 balance bike in ride-on mode. The 2-height adjustable, dual-coloured saddle (24.2cm or 26.2cm) with anti-slip TPR and curved handlebars with TPR ergonomic grips also gives maximum riding comfort to your toddler.

3 In 1 Balance Bike

Safe Rides with LEARNING BIKE 3IN1 Balance Bike

To help ensure safety for toddlers, LEARNING BIKE 3IN1 is designed with a rear rotative system that synchronises wheel movement. Integrated into the back subassembly, the rear rotative system smoothly turns the 3-in-1 balance bike’s rear wheels according to the front wheels’ movement. This gives intuitive rides that teach your toddler how to safely and securely balance and move.


Accessories for Parents & Toddlers

LEARNING BIKE 3IN1 comes with a detachable and adjustable anti-UV (UPF 50+) canopy to keep your toddler protected from the sun and a removable TPR footrest to keep your toddler comfortable in the seat.

Toddlers Learning Bike

Product Features

  • 3-in-1 balance bike with 3 modes—ride-on, learning bike, and walking bike—for toddlers aged 12-36m to get more ways to play! Each mode supports a maximum weight of 20kg.
  • Baby balance bike with a patented steering system that allows 4 unique ways to turn, balance, and learn:
    • Direction-locked for forward-only movement
    • Hand-steering for classic movement
    • Lean-to-steer for balance-based movement
    • Lean-to-steer and classic hand-steering for the best of the both worlds!
  • Adjustable 3-in-1 balance bike with a 2-height adjustable, dual-coloured saddle (24.2cm or 26.2cm from the ground) with anti-slip TPR and curved handlebars with TPR ergonomic grips for maximum support. A 2-height adjustable parent handle (88cm or 93cm from the ground) for ride-on mode.
  • High-quality 150mm (5.91”) front and rear EVA foam wheels for safe and durable rides. Two sets of wheels are included to convert the baby balance bike from learning bike to walking bike mode with ease.
  • Safe 3-in-1 balance bike with a rear rotative system that synchronises the back wheels to the front wheels’ movement for safe and intuitive rides.

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